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CARBON CLEAN 16 Media Air Cleaner

Lennox Carbon Clean 16

CARBON CLEAN 16 Media Air Cleaner DetailsMinimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV)Equivalent to MERV-17 (not MERV rated)Filtration Levels: Hospital Grade Filtration Levels: ParticlesRemoves over 95% down to .3 micronFiltration Levels: BioaerosolsRemoves over 90% down to .01 micronWhole-Home Application OzoneReduces and destroys ozoneHVAC System CompatibilityAll HVAC system typesFilter LifeUp To 12 MonthsPCO Cartridge LifeNot ApplicableLamp LifeNot ApplicableElectrical RatingNot ApplicableReplacement […]